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  Hosted by the South Island Branch in Victoria September 10, 2017.   (click on poster for details)

About Us

Club Executive

Trevor Parker President: Trevor Parker

Victoria Branch

I got my love of English cars from my Mom and Dad .They had sports cars before I was born and till I was two. Those two years it was an Austin Healey 100-6. My Dad sold British Fords through the '60s and early '70s . So for a while he was bringing home Lotus Cortinas mark 1s and 2s. And my first car was an 105E Anglia 1963.I fell in love with the Austin Healey 100 when I came across an original brochure in a stack of old Road & Track magazines. I could not believe that there were cars like that in Victoria so I ask my Dad and he said sure and that an old friend still had the one he had bought 1954 . I have had that car for 38 years now. At this time we four Austins ,1951 A40 Devon ,1956 A90-six Westminster ,54 Austin Healey 100 and a 55 Austin Healey restoration project on the go.I was a marine diesel mechanic for 35 years mainly on sailboats .I started sailing when was 9 years old.


Ken Miles Past President: Ken Miles

Surrey - Vancouver Coast Branch

Has a different Morgan for every occasion

Also restoring a Triumph 1800/2000 Roadster


Stephen Way Vice-President: Stephen Way
Thompson Valley Branch - Kamloops

1970 Jaguar E-Type FHC RHD and a Modern Mini Cooper S.
He looks way too young to be a retired banker

Bob Thompson Secretary: Bob Thompson

Central Island Branch

Moved to Nanaimo from Edmonton Alberta in 2005. Member of the Central Island Branch since 2012. Currently retired. We own a 1996 MGF. Past CIB Secretary and current CIB Membership Registrar.


Anita Parkinson Treasurer: Anita Parkinson
Vancouver Coast Branch

Anita is spouse to the Webmaster, so doesn't think she has to submit her own bio.  She thinks I should know what to write by now...  We will see how long it takes her to notice this, or have someone tell her. Ed.



David Bradley Director South Island Branch: David Bradley

Automobiles have always been a passion of mine (my first word was “car” and my favourite toy was a Jaguar peddle car). My father had a number of British cars including a Mini Cooper, MGB, and an Escort Mexico. My first British Car was a 1966 Sunbeam Alpine GT (this is a long term project car and like many project is taking much longer than planned). To mark my retirement from the Navy I bought a 1963 Sunbeam Alpine GT in 2012.



Steve Roebuck Director Central Island Branch: Steve Roebuck

My wife Elaine and I own a 1997 Jaguar XK8 Convertible in Carnival Red, this is the second British car we’ve owned , having sold our 1976 MGB Roadster. More comfortable and more power and each service call is “Just Another Grand”!


Walter Reynolds Director Vancouver Coast Branch: Walter Reynolds

I always wanted a Morgan, so when Linda and I joined the British car hobby, it was for a Morgan that we started looking. We ended up buying a 1965 Austin Cambridge! We joined the Vancouver Coast Branch in 2002 and in 2004 replaced the Austin with a 1968 Rover 2000. Downsizing home in 2010 meant that there was no room at the inn for the Rover which was sold to a chap in Yakima, WA. Circumstances changed in 2011 and we were able to buy our current LBC, a 1963 Rover 3 Litre. Through the years I have organized several car runs and have been on the London to Brighton Commemorative Run and Fort Langley Run organizing committees. I am currently Chairman of the Vancouver Coast Branch having spent 2015 and 2016 as Vice-Chairman.



Vacant Director Kamloops-Thompson Valley Branch: Vacant

Cliff Blakey Director Kootenay Region Branch: Cliff Blakey

1957 Hillman Husky Mark 1
Cliff is the founder and first Chairperson of the Kootenay Region Branch

Patricia Sparks Club Registrar: Patricia Sparks

South Island Branch

Bio: Patricia has done every job in the OECC - at least twice!  Patricia and hubby Derrick have MG's - an MG TD, an MGA and an MGB. 


Gerry Parkinson Webmaster: Gerry Parkinson

Vancouver Coast Branch

MGA, MGB GT, Raleigh LDV,  and an MGC GT

Member of the Vancouver Coast Branch since 1998 - Mechanical Engineer and Car Nut - I have a 7 car garage and there are still 6 cars on the driveway (mostly due to 4 sons and one patient wife)


Marilyn Tarry Regalia: Marilyn Tarry
Central Island Branch

A club member since 2006, when we came to Canada, bringing our 1932 Talbot with us. Roger (Hubby) has been doing a fantastic job of restoring and repairing. We were lucky as we had most of the parts, just in bits. My turn is coming this winter, to make the roof lining and covering, plus the seat covers. Goal for on the road 2018, (we have only had it since 1983).


Ric MacDonald BRBC Wagonmaster: Ric MacDonald

Vancouver Coast Branch



Past Presidents


Ian Cox                  1986- 1996   (Founder)
Dave Pollard           1996 - 1997
Derrick Sparks        1997 - 1999
Robert Brodie         1999 - 2001
Patricia Sparks        2001 - 2003
Dennis Atkinson      2003 - 2005
Steve Diggins          2005 - 2007
Wayne Peddie         2007 - 2009
Steve Hutchens       2009 - 2011
Candy Francis          2012 - 2013
Ken Miles                 2014 - 2015
Trevor Parker           2016 - 2017

Stephen Way            Elected - 2018





                2015 Executive

Winter 2015 OECC Club Executive Meeting - Victoria

Kneeling : Kelly James, Cathy Gislason

Standing: Stephen Way(on computer screen) Trevor Parker, John McDonald, Ken Miles, Les Foster, Patricia Sparks, Candy Francis, Gerry Parkinson, Bill Grace