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AGM and Brits on the Beach - all in one weekend!.

Resto Fair 2017

  Hosted by the Central Island Branch in Nanaimo and Ladysmith July 7 to 9, 2017.  Start with a run to Nanaimo. Events include the AGM, Mini Monte, Car Show and Picnic - the theme is celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday. (click on poster for details)

Society Awards

Oxo Award

The Oxo Cup is a Floating Trophy, which was donated by Ian Cox, one of the original founders of the Society, and was first presented in 1997. The cup is awarded annually to a member who has made a significant contribution to the Society as a whole. There is no particular time frame for the member’s contribution. Any member of the Society in good standing is eligible to receive the award, whether they are attached to a Branch of the Society or not. Recipients of the Oxo Award include the following:

1997 - John Beresford (SIB)
1998 - Dennis Smith (SIB)
1999 - Les Foster (VCB)
2000 - Jack Keyzer (volunteer)
2001 - Derrick Sparks (SIB)
2002 - Rob Brodie (SIB)
2003 - Patricia Sparks (SIB)
2004 - Les Hetherington (VCB)
2005 - Fred Bennett (VCB)
2006 - Ian Cox (SIB)
2007 - Steve Hutchens (VCB)
2008 - Nigel Muggeridge (posthumously) (CIB)
2009 - Larry Hildreth (SIB)
2010 - Frank DeCarlo(CVB)
2011 - Wayne Peddie(CIB)
2012 - Robert Atkins(SIB)
2013 - Gerry Parkinson(VCB)
2014 - Judy Unia(CIB)
2015 - Adele Hedges(CIB)
2016 - Pat Miles(VCB)

OECC Link Trophy

The Link Trophy is a floating trophy given to a Member of the Annual General Meeting’s Hosting Branch. This trophy is presented to the most deserving member of the Branch hosting the AGM that year. The Trophy has the Wings of the Society and sufficient room for a yearly ‘key chain’ to be attached. Each year one key chain to be given to the recipient and the other to be attached to the trophy, creating a ‘link’. Recipients of the Link Trophy include the following:
2000 - Carol Bennett (TVB)
2001 - Tom Rivers (SIB)
2002 - Fed Bennett (VCB)
2003 - Don Graham (CIB)
2004 - Margaret Wright (CVB)
2005 - Patricia / Derrick Sparks (SIB)
2006 - Fatima Akehurst (TVB)
2007 - Steve Hutchens (VCB)
2008 - Irene Thompson (CIB)
2009 - Robert Atkins (SIB)
2010 - David Whitworth (CVB)
2011 - Bob Nicholson (Posthumously)
2012 - Lorna Hoare(VCB)
2013 - Cathy Gislason (CVB)
2014 - Valerie Barrie (SIB)
2015 - Darrell Price (TVB)
2016 - Walter Reynolds(VCB)


The Montagu of Beaulieu Award

An Annual Award for a member, for their historic preservation and dedication to our great hobby. This is someone who has a good track record of saving and restoring project vehicles. The recipient could also contribute to the hobby by other means such as leadership and organization which would be taken into consideration. Recipients of the Montagu of Beaulieu Award include the following:
2006 - Ken / Pat Miles (VCB)
2007 - Steve Diggins (VCB)
2008 - Ken / Lorraine Finnigan (TVB)
2009 - Ken / Adele Hedges (CIB)
2010 - Steve Harris (CIB)
2011 - Patrick Jones and Elaine LaFontaine (VCB)
2012 - Peter and Daphne Lee (SIB)
2013 - Robb Gibbs (CIB)
2014 - John Chapman (VCB)
2015 - John Beresford (SIB)
2016 - John Clarke (VCB)


Mini Monte Trophy

This trophy is given to the members who come in first in the Annual "Mini Monte" Rally which takes place at the AGM each year. Recipients of the Mini Monte Trophy include:
2004 - Roger and Valerie Barrie
2005 - Gerry and Anita Parkinson
2006 - Gerry and Anita Parkinson
2007 - Robert and Anne Atkins
2008 - Ken and Adèle Hedges
2009 - Kelly and Jane James
2010 - Patrick Jones and Elaine Fontaine
2011 - Derrick and Patricia Sparks
2012 - Trevor and Kim Parker
2013 - Rob and Elaine Brodie (SIB)
2014 - Clifford and Paulette Jones (VCB)
2015 - Ken and Pat Miles (VCB)
2016 - John and Margie Moss (TVB)

Long Distance Award

Awarded to club members who drive their cars more than 2500 miles/4000 km in a year.
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2015 Winners of this award:

- Darrell and Cathy Price (TVB) - 1973 Triumph Stag - 3041 miles
- Stephen Way (TVB) - 1970 Jaguar E-type - 3528 miles
- Bill Grace (CIB) - 1980 Triumph TR7 - 7439 Km
- Paul Mansell (CIB) - 1973 MGB - 5478 miles
- Bob Nelson (CIB) - 1975 MGB - 2848 miles
- Len Smith (CIB) - 1956 MGA - 3465 miles
- Len Smith (CIB) - 1958 MGA - 2370 miles
- Trevor Parker (SIB) - Austin Healey and Austin A90 - 4237 miles
- Ric McDonald (VCB) - 1965 Morgan 4/4 - 6341 miles
- Ken and Pat Miles (VCB) - 1969 Morgan +8 - 6725 miles