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- The Largest Auto Museum in the Southern Hemisphere

- Southward Car Museum

Slide Presentation by Bruce Edwards

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OECC Member Regalia Online Store


Regalia are a great way to promote the club, identify your fellow members, and promote a sense of camaraderie, while wearing great looking and functional clothes.

We have two official OECC Regalia Suppliers. You can order online directly from these suppliers and have the production shipped directly to you.


OECC Logo Clothing from:



click on the Logo

Password = oldenglish

OECC Logo Clothing from:

UR Store


Click on Logo

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The following items ave available from your local branch:


OECC Logo Lapel Pin
Price: $4.00

OECC Logo Lapel Pin


Description: Metal

Pin on back with keeper

Grill Badge - Studded
Price: $20.00

Grill Badge


Description: Metal

Threaded stud with nut on back

View Large Image
Grill Badge - Flat
Price: $20.00

Grill Badge


Description: Metal

Flat tab with mounting holes

View Large Image