Central Island Branch   

Old English Car Club

of British Columbia

"Promoting the Preservation, Restoration, and Enjoyment of All English Vehicles"

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We are going to try to restart our activities either virtually, or in a heavily modified form. However, we want to remind you that Central Island Branch supports and will comply with all of the Provincial Government’s Orders and Guidance related to Covid-19 and we require our Members to adhere to them at all times. We also ask, and expect, you to always behave in a way that shows responsibility and concern for your fellow Members, so:

  • PLEASE DO NOT shake hands or make physical contact with other Members at any Branch Activity or Event.
  • If you have any symptoms of even a mild cold, flu or something which might be Covid-19, PLEASE DO NOT come to any Branch Activities or Events.
  • If you have a medical condition or are at an age which makes you more at risk than the average person, PLEASE CAREFULLY CONSIDER THE RISKS you will be taking before deciding to come to any Branch Activities or Events.
  • If you believe the 3 measures outlined above will not give you sufficient protection, PLEASE DO NOT come to any Branch Activities or Events.
  • If you sign up for an Activity or Event and then decide not to come PLEASE NOTIFY THE EVENT COORDINATOR as soon as possible. 
  • (May 5th/2020)



 Brits on the Beach information follow this link  


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