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Upcoming Events:

Come to the Annual General Meeting Weekend

AGM and Brits on the Beach - all in one weekend!.

Resto Fair 2017

  Hosted by the Central Island Branch in Nanaimo and Ladysmith July 7 to 9, 2017.  Start with a run to Nanaimo. Events include the AGM, Mini Monte, Car Show and Picnic - the theme is celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday. (click on poster for details)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I become a member?
  2. Where can I find an event to attend ?
  3. Why doesn't my event show up on the calender?
  4. Who is the club executive?
  5. Who should I contact about the website ?
  6. Who can use the classified ads and what information do I need to place an ad?

How do I become a member?

  • Contact the webmaster who will send you a membership form or go out to any branch meeting in your area.  We hope to soon have forms and paypal available online for membership.
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Where can I find and event to attend ?

  • Events will be listed and kept current on the events tab as they become known to the webmaster
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Why doesn't my event show up on the calendar ?

  • You or someone in your club/branch have to contact the webmaster to get your event listed - many people don't realise that the webmaster does not have telepathic powers, a crystal ball or any other super powers to figure out when events are scheduled!
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Who is club executive?

  • The club executive get elected at the Annual General Meeting and serve for a Calendar Year. The current executive are listed on the "About Us page.
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Who should I contact about the website?

  • Many members have a friend who once knew the old webmaster, so they tell their friend about things that need to be added to the website.  Still others list their information in another forum, and hope the webmaster finds it.  Why not just contact the webmaster directly? It is the quickest and most reliable way of getting your information updated!! Please send information to the webmaster.
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Who can use the classified ads and what information do I need to place an ad?

  • The Classified ads are offered as a service to our members.  Anyone can advertise in the classifieds, as long as your are not a "for profit" business.  We have no paid ads, and the ad must be something that would be of interest to a British Car Enthusiast in British Columbia.  If the ad is for a "Car for Sale" we will need to know the year, make, model, condition, price and a PICTURE of the car, along with your contact information. This is a volunteer organization, and while we try to post ads at least once per week, we do have other commitments.  Please send ads to the webmaster.
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