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Hillman Winter Project 2016

Our branch had voted on taking on a restoration job belonging to our chairman Cliff Blakey for a winter project which started on October 23rd 2016. This project involved, among other items, updating the engine from the original 1200 CC side valve engine to an overhead 1600 CC engine from a 1964 Sunbeam Alpine supplied by Mike Broadley, one of our members, which was removed from the said Alpine when he upgraded his Alpine to a Ford V6. Both engines are made by the Rootes company, which is the parent company of both Hillman and Sunbeam among a few other makes. This project will have two-fold results. First, of course, is to restore the car close to it's former glory, and  upgrade the car to handle normal highway speeds of our country, and secondly and most importantly, to act as a teaching agent in auto restoration  by involving the knowledgeable members to share their automotive experience in a hands-on envoirment as on-going tech-talks. The engine transplant will give the car almost three times the horsepower, with the side valve having 30 hp and the overhead having 85 hp, giving it quite sufficient power to travel at highway  speeds. Along with the engine upgrade, a rebuild of the steering column and box, which is in progress, rebuilding the brake system, bodywork (in progress) and possibly a paint job will be in the works. As with all restorations, other items show up  during restoration which will need attention, so this restoration may diverge from the original schedule, but time will tell the outcome.  When the Hillman is done, the finishing touches to Kelvin's 1958 MGA will be in line as the next project.

Below are pictures of the on-going restoration project

Husky in original condition

1957 Hillman Husky in original condition (2013)

Husky after grey primer paint

Hillman Husky after grey primer paint (2014)

Project starting October 23rd 2016......

Husky power washed outside garage

The Husky gets a power wash before entering the garage

First Step Removing the Hood

First Step Removing the Hood

New Engine gets a Bath Also

New Engine Gets a Bath Also

October 30th......

Now the old engine is out

Now the old engine is out

New engine gets prepped for trial fit

New engine gets prepped for trial fit

Steering box and column coming out

Steering column and box coming out


November 4th......

Comparing the two Engines

Comparing the two Engines

Dismantling the Interior

Dismantling the Interior

The Engine Bay Stripped Out

The Engine Bay Stripped Out

Working On The Body

Working on The Body


November 6th......

Fitting the New Engine Into The Engine Bay

Fitting the New Engine Into The Engine Bay

Looks Good This Way Too

Looks Good This Way Too

Shaping The Tunnel For The New Gear Shift

Shaping the Tunnel for the New Gear Shift

the Basic Shape of the New Tunnel

The Basic Shape of the New Tunnel

Transmission Mount Looks Close

Transmission Mount Looks Close

Just a Touch Too Low as Yet

Just a Touch Too Low as Yet


November 13th......

An MGB was Aquired to Replace the Hillman Front Clip and Rear End To Upgrade The Hillman for Today's Highway Driving.

Dismantling the MGB

Dismantling the MGB Parts Car


Front Clip for the Hillman

Front Clip is Out For Your Hillman, Barb

Some Parts for Wayne's Car Also

Taking out Some Parts for Wayne's Car At The Same Time

A Few More Things To Remove

A Few More Things To Remove, Then....

Ready to Pull the Rear End

Getting Ready To Pull The Rear End


November 25th......

Getting Ready To Swap out the Front Clips, but first, getting rusted bolts out and then, voila

Crossmember is out

Old Crossmember is Finally Out!


Comparing Crossmembers

Comparing the Two Crossmembers

Now to find out what we have to do to shoehorn the MGB crossmember into the Husky. (Maybe we should clean it up a bit to see what is under the dirt!)

The next few weeks will be spent in cleaning and measuring to see how we are going to go about getting that thing in the Husky. After that, we should go home and see what the rest of the family is doing for Christmas, as that is just around the corner.

See you Soon and Merry Christmas from all of us,




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