We can go outside, safely. While we are not going to organize a group club event this month, we have organized a series of self-drives that club members can take part in. You can chose any or all of the drives by using the links below.

There are rules! There are no gathering points and it is expected that club members will drive their own vehicles and not congregate in violation of the directions set out by health officials.

The drives can be taken at any time. It is noteworthy that April 26th is ‘Drive it Day ‘- the annual celebration of classic vehicles, and a good time to take your classic out for a drive.

Participants are asked to send a picture or two of their trip, along with a very brief description (from a sentence to a paragraph) to the Dynamo Editor (contact info in the Dynamo). A write-up will appear in an upcoming newsletter.

Stay connected — and stay safe!

Chris Beresford

Social Distance Drive #1

Social Distance Drive #2

Social Distance Drive #3