SPECIAL NOTICE September 15th Monthly meeting will be a Zoom meeting. We are hoping the October Monthtly Meeting will be held in person at St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall at 1973 Cultra Avenue in Central Saanich. Watch the calendar for details.

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SIB Club Meeting- Zoom Meeting
Wednesday, September 15, 2021
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern

Wednesday, September 15: (Last?) Zoom Meeting

Please join us for a two-part visual presentation that will address some technical tips and also provide some entertainment at our Zoom meeting. Social time from 7:15pm. Join the Zoom meeting at:


Meeting ID: 821 3376 5800 1454 Passcode: 307504 (probably not required, but have this info handy when you log in).


By participating in the listed event, you (Member of the OECC), agree to abide by all current guidelines set by the BC Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and indemnify the OECC, its Directors and Branch executive officers for any and all liability, expenses, costs, damages, losses, claims, actions, and causes of action incurred or suffered by the OECC.