Fall Classic Rally

Sunday, October 25

As the saying goes, many hands make light work, and as a result, the annual Fall Classic Rally for the Faryon Cup was another great success. Event Coordinator’s Sue and Robin Patterson were joined by Susan Chapple in the planning process for this year’s event. Apparently the route was surveyed no less than five times! On the day, frequent previous winners Tom and Cheryl Rivers and Glen Fraser assisted at checkpoints along the way (all the better to give others a chance at the big prize). David Bradley was the official photographer for the day.

The organizers were also able to arrange suitable weather for the afternoon, encouraging nearly two dozen teams to arrive at the Hamsterly Beach starting point.

And at the start, a four page set of directions, also containing 29 questions, was supplied to navigators. The start was staggered, with departure times being noted. But before leaving the parking lot, a test was put to drivers ­­— how close could they place their vehicle to a parking pylon without knocking it over. Results were mixed.

Then it was off in a northerly direction, past farms (the number of which needed to be recorded) on Oldfield Road and then into the Keating area. North again on Veyaness (who knew that road was named after the Victoria and Sidney Railway?). After a stop to record some historical information along Mt. Newton X Road, rallyists entered the grounds of St. Stephen’s Church where the parking test was repeated, except using the rear bumper this time.

The route continued north to Ardmore and around Ardmore Drive until it rejoined West Saanich Road. A visit to the Airport was required to determine how many personnel were trained at Pat Bay during the war (10,000) and then it was up to the top of the peninsula, looking for tree-named streets along the way. Finally southbound, a famous British car repair shop had to be identified (Owen Automotive) and then a final stop at the cemetery just east of the airport runway. From there it was just a short drive to the finish at Mary’s Bleue Moon.

Welcome refreshments were served up remarkably quickly, considering the number of OECC diners, some 40 in all. During this time the organizers were very busy tabulating the results. And the final standings were:
   Third Place: Geoff and Nicky Cramb
   Second Place: Martyn and Chris Ward
   First Place: John and Chris Beresford
   Honourable mention went to Hugh Carroll, for his solo completion of the rally.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped out in organizing another great Fall Classic Rally, and to all those who participated. After accepting the Faryon Cup, this year’s winners were informed they would have to organize next year’s event. Given a year to think about next time, who knows what they will come up with...