A Visit to Jetstream

Saturday, January 23
Owner Jason Stoch welcomed some 40 OECC members to his Jetstream Custom Auto facility for our first “Sunday Drive” of 2016. Of course it wasn’t a Sunday and the drive from Hamsterley Beach to Sidney was quite uneventful by all accounts. However, the shop tour was very interesting indeed, as it included what has become a long-term project of our new Club President.
Jason began the tour with a description of the work he and five other employees undertake. And that includes just about everything except chrome plating and engine machining!

This enables the company to keep close control of progress as a project advances through the shop. Sandblasting, metal fabrication, body work, painting and upholstery are all done on site.
At the time of our visit, Austin Healeys figured prominently on the shop floor, and one was of particular interest. This was the Parker's 100M, which is undergoing a rebuild from the frame up.
Aside from Austin Healeys, another of Jason’s specialities are Audi Quattros, two of which are in the shop. And just about completed is a 1941 Chevrolet coupe, being prepared for the upcoming 2016 Peking to Paris rally. Jason described some of the work being done, which includes testing for fording water hazards that the competitors may encounter over the 35 day adventure. So far the car has managed to travel through water well above the door bottoms.
The second level of the shop houses the upholstery area. Specialists are called in as needed for this work. An extended lift moves cars up to this level; two more Austin Healeys were having carpeting and upholstery work performed at the time of our visit.
The visit concluded with a look at the paint shop. Computerized scanning and mixing is done on site and the results on display speak for themselves.
Appropriately enough, Trevor Parker presented Jason with an OECC mug in appreciation for the tour. We feel fortunate to have such an accomplished shop in our “back yard”; one which many members have made use of in the past and no doubt many more will do so in the future.
Most of the group retired to the Beacon Landing where by all accounts everyone was well fed and watered. Once again, our thanks to the Pattersons for another enjoyable afternoon out.