Anderson Machine Shop Tour

Sunday, February 24

The February Sunday outting was a visit to Anderson Precision Engines located just off Keating X Road. Prevoiusly the machine shop was operated by the JB Group, the business was purchased by Bonson and Sharee Anderson in July 2018 and renamed Anderson Precision Engines. A tour of the major machines in the shop included cylinder boring and honing machines, a Serdie head machine, crankshaft grinder and polisher, balancer, line borer and more. Both automotive and marine engines can be overhauled, the split being 75% automotive and 25% marine. Even air compressors can be rebuilt, the one such unit being re-sleeved at the time of the visit. 

Older engines present few problems for the Andersons, though modern alumunum-block power units can present challenges. However for the vast majority of our old English vehicles the company can do whatever is required. Anderson's is happy for customers to supply parts or they can source components such as bearings and pistons if that is the owners preference. Engines can be brought in for overhaul either assembled or in pieces. And they can do reassmbly if needed.

Many questions were asked, including whether there is a need to fit hardened valve seats to cast irons heads. Mike replied that the issue of unleaded fuel has not been as great a problem as first imagined, though they can fit hardened seats if the customer or the application (such as racing) requires them. 

Some common cylinder heads are available "off the shelf" on an exchange basis and OECC members are entiltled to a 10% discount.

Our visit concluded with the usual presentation of OECC mugs to our hosts. Our thanks go to them for coming in to the shop on a Sunday afternoon! We wish Bronson and the team all the best in their (relatively) new endeavours.

The group then departed for Mary’s Bleue Moon where the customary excellent service and refreshments were enjoyed. Thanks to Chris Beresford for organizing the afternoon.