SVABC , CCAD Proclamation 2018

Attached is the Proclamation and news release for the SVABC CCAD 2018.

You can use this or some of the info to promote your event.

Really appreciate you being out there promoting the hobby.


2018 CCAD News Release

2018 CCAD Proclamation Doc

Rate Fairness Public Engagement Report


I’d like to provide you with an update to the March 5 email you may have received from Jeff Groot regarding the month-long engagement we launched to hear from the public and stakeholders on how ICBC can make vehicle insurance rates more fair for drivers.

Nearly 35,000 people provided input and a report summarizing that feedback has been posted on the ICBC rate fairness site, which you can access here:

British Columbians have said for years that B.C.’s auto insurance system would be more fair if lower-risk drivers paid less for their insurance and higher-risk drivers paid more – and we heard it again through the recent rate fairness public engagement.

Over the coming months, government will work with ICBC to review the feedback, including stakeholder feedback, to help design an improved auto insurance rating system for British Columbians. Our goal is to implement changes beginning later in 2019.

The model ICBC currently uses to help determine insurance rates is more than 30 years old and, while some improvements have been made over the years, it is out of date. It means that right now, some drivers are paying more and some drivers are paying less than the risk they represent. 

As a first step to improve rate fairness, government has asked us to bring forward to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) increases to the premiums of the Driver Penalty Point (DPP) and Driver Risk Premium (DRP) programs to be ready for implementation as early as this fall. 

In line with one of the proposals we put forward and once approved by the BCUC, these changes will result in DPP and DRP amounts increasing by 20 per cent in the first year, and 20 per cent next year.

The combined 40% increase aligns with how much British Columbians have seen their Basic insurance rates increase over the past decade – including those who do not have driving convictions. 


Holly Cairns

A/Executive Director, Crown Agencies

Associate Deputy Minister’s Office, Ministry of Attorney General

BC Again Proclaims Collector Car Appreciation Day in July

Below is the Sema Bulletin announcing Collector Car Appreciation Day. ( CCAD)

The reason the SVABC chose a Saturday instead of Friday is that the goal was to celebrate (see highlighted) car cruises, parades and other events. In consideration of the people that have to work around a busy life which includes a job, Saturdays are much more workable. Yes cruise ins are often on a week night, however the car shows are mostly on Saturdays and it is easier to include a CCAD celebration. Also more spectators and a better opportunity promote the Hobby.
We can assist in promoting your CCAD event, please just e mail me the info.
Actually the month of July allows for a broader range of opportunity.

Stand proud for the Hobby, we are all car enthusiasts.

Special Thanks for your support.


Bob Kelly
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SVABC I Q Report

The SVABC 1st Quarter report is now on the web site at click on news, click on reports and scroll down to 1 Q 2018 Part 1 & Part 2.
There is a lot of information from the AGM,so if you have questions please don't hesitate to e mail or call me. 
It is password protected and the password is Sunshine66 S being upper case.
We are going to need political support to obtain approval for the proposed Spousal change, if you are interested in talking to your MLA regarding support please contact me.
Collector Car Appreciation Day Proclamation is signed off and we have a electronic copy.
A HUGE Thank You to Neva for doing the Report.

Special Thanks for your support.
Bob Kelly
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ICBC Collector Car Program News - April 7, 2017

Here is an important message from Gina Weist Manager of ICBC Specialty Vehicle Department. It may look like a recent message however it has a little more detail. The purpose is to reduce confusion and unnecessary phone calls.
Please distribute as you deem appropriate.
As you are well aware a new program will always have a few hicups.
Thanks for your support.

Bob Kelly

Urgent Mod Collector

Just received this message from ICBC: The new modified collector form will at or at your Autoplan Insurance outlet starting at 10:00am today March 30 and the issuing of plates starts on June 30th.

Bob Kelly