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Thursday, 10 March 2022 11:06

April 2019 Sunday Outing

In April 2019 the Club participated in a tour of Ross Bay Cemetery. Last month, a return visit was arranged, this time the focus being on the general arrangement of the cemetery, based on a plan going back to the time of Napoleon.

As on the previous visit, our tour guide was John Adams, an extremely knowledgeable member of the Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria. On this tour, John described the history of the cemetery, while pointing out interesting graves within each section.

Our tour included a look at designated areas of the cemetery (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian sections) followed by a visit to the ‘non-Christian’ part of the cemetery. In this southwestern corner, Chinese and Japanese Buddhists and First Nations people, who had not converted to Christianity, were buried. In 1909 a severe storm washed away graves in this area. To prevent further problems of this kind, the city built a retaining wall along Ross Bay and extended Dallas Road behind it.

c1John Adams finished the tour with a mention of the many trees planted at Ross Bay Cemetery. A wide variety of native BC species is to be found, many planted when a more park-like ambience was desired for the cemetery.

The afternoon concluded with refreshments at the nearby Ross Bay Pub.

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