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The History of the Ladner Bellingham All British Car Run

                                                  The VCB's Annual Premier Event


Ladner to Bellingham All British Run 1996
Les Foster
(This article on the first Ladner to Bellingham
originally appeared in the 8th issue of the Roundabout)

The 1st Annual Ladner to Belliugham Run, Sunday, November 3rd, 1996, saw the inaugural Later to Bellingham Run take place. Conceived by OECC Vancouver Coastal Branch member Roy Wilkins, the Run commemorates the 100th anniversary of the London to Brighton Run which, in turn, salutes the emancipation of the automobile in Britain. Prior to that first London to Brighton Run on November 14, 1896, all cars in Britain had to be preceded by a person carrying a warning flag! That Run had 33 cars entered while our Ladner to Bellingham Run attracted 31 vehicles, all of British manufacture.

The entrants gathered at the Trennant Square parking lot between 8:30 and 9:30 on Sunday morning for registration and received their plaques, map and info kit and many purchased badges, pins or flags as well. The lineup of cars attracted a good crowd-some brought out by DCTV 4 ads or articles in the local Delta Optimist and others simply early shoppers curious to see this remarkable selection of English vehicles. One couple passing by in a very nice Mini Cooper decided to enter on the spur of the moment!

Entrants socialized and attended to last minute mechanical details, took pictures, or studied their route. In keeping with the link to the London to Brighton Run, Roy (this year's Grand Marshal), ceremoniously burned a red warning flag to set the event in motion. Off went the 31 cars, 19 of them Vancouver Coastal Branch vehicles, one from the South Island branch (Ian Cox) and 11 non-members (actually, I believe a couple of the cars joined enroute but the overall totals are correct). Your Editor, driving #9, a '52 Vauxhall (Paul Beenham owner), immediately lost the group as it looped the parking lot with Roy and JoAnn Wilkins leading in their '30 Austin. Instead, I exited the lot with my wife, Trish, and Richard Taylor as Navigators and so we arrived at White Rock early and had to creep shame-faced back into line when the main group pulled up on the waterfront promenade!

This was only to be the first of several adventures. The drive down to the border went well with only 2 cars dropping out - a Met with electrical problems and a Land Rover, I think, with similar maladies. The ghost of Joseph Lucas rode with us. The countryside was spectacular in Fall foliage and the weather held up for us, too. The whole Run stopped and regrouped at the dairy just across the border and an impressive sight it was! Equally impressive were the airborne emissions of dozens of lunching cows, but this just added atmosphere to the event.

Off again down the Guide Meridian to Bellingham the cars dodged cyclists and drivers cast an eye to increasingly threatening skies. Order broke down a bit inside Bellingham when our intrepid Grand Marshal made a wrong turn. The ensuing efforts to regain the route led to some truly hilarious situations reminiscent of those old British "Carry On" flicks. We found ourselves following the Beenhams (with Fred Bennett on board) up a one-way street the wrong way! Dick Van Dyke dutifully followed us. Crazy Canadians!

Notwithstanding this little glitch (after all this is the stuff that legends are made of) we all soon found the Best Western Lakeway Inn and the end of our Run.. Don and Karen Cutting's MG was still acting up so they graciously came all the way from Renton in their 'real' car to help out at the start then motored on ahead to setup signs and prizes, etc., at the Best Western. Thanks Don and Karen!

After a mass pit stop the group sat down in the comfortable room dedicated (at no cost) to our Run. Admittedly, there was some disappointment ever the lunch provided but this was a result of some confusion over numbers and is the sort of thing to be expected and taken in stride at an inaugural event. In any case some of the members managed to mitigate the situation and the overall effect was pleasant. After checking everyone in, Roy welcomed the entrants and handed out some awards to some members he thought were particularly helpful in seeing the planning through. Door Prizes were then drawn from the entrants' windscreen numbers and various tokens were distributed accordingly. The mood was festive and many anecdotes of the day's adventures were recounted to the sound of laughter.

There can be no doubt that this first Ladner to Bellingham Run was an unqualified success on several levels. Firstly, the good turnout from our members underscores our legitimacy as a Club, and secondly, the number of non-members who participated further recognizes our status as a going concern in the realm of local car buffs. Thirdly, the coverage given the Run by the press in Delta and White Rock has put the Club name forth in a very favourable fashion. Additionally, it seems that several non-members are about to become OECC types as a result of the fun they had with us! Lastly, this Run (which will be our Club's 'signature event') finished 'in the black' - all costs were covered and next year will be pure profit. This will give us some money to cover more Fun! Well done everyone (not to forget those other members who supported the Run by buying plaques even though they didn't enter a car) and a big "Thank You" to all!

News Item: Roy Wilkins To Step Down As Grand Marshal of Ladner To Bellingham Run For 1997 - New Marshal Sought ...

[Editor Steve Hutchens’ Note: In 1996 Les Foster was the Roundabout - writer, photographer, editor, printer, stamp licker, envelope stuffer, and postman. Les said, “You young fellows have it easy!” Thanks to Les for the original colour photos of the event as the black and white scan of the original article yielded photos that were a bit fuzzy.]

Articles on other years will appear here.

Ladner to Bellingham All British Run 2006
John Chatterton with photos by Chris Walker
(This article was in the Nov-Dec 2006  issue of the Roundabout)

The 10th Anniversary of the Ladner to Bellingham run was a great success. Everyone congregated at the Trennant Park Shopping Centre and registration was done in a warm and civilized manner in Ricky’s Restaurant. Participants could come in, register, and have coffee and breakfast if they wished rather than lining up in the cool November air. Thanks to the manager of Ricky’s!

A short driver’s meeting was held then a prompt 9.00 am departure of approximately 32 cars left the mild and dry Ladner parking lot. Led by Roy Wilkins in his 1930 Austin Seven, we all ventured on our merry way, going through White Rock and on to our first stop to re-group and stretch the old legs at the Campbell River Store.

We then rallied on to the Aldergrove border crossing with Roy and his son Adrian, from jolly old England, still leading and keeping up a good pace. Everyone arrived at the border and entered the USA without a problem, other than Roy who steamed his way across.

We all headed south, had another short break to regroup, then the sun started shining on the OECC and guests as we proceeded on to our final destination, the Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale where Linda, a staff member we had been in contact with on several occasions, was there to greet us and assisted Roy in handing out our 10th year anniversary decals.

The casino management prepared a room especially for us and everyone was organized, accommodating, and courteous. We had a wonderful champagne brunch, at a reduced rate no less, and each table setting received $5.slot play and $5.match play coupons. There were ten door prizes to celebrate this special run.

The whole day was enjoyable and a wonderful time was had by all.

Ladner to Bellingham All British Run 2007
Steve Hutchens (article and photos)
(This article was in the Nov-Dec 2007  issue of the Roundabout)

Environment Canada’s weather forecast for White Rock on November 2, two days before the run, was for "Sunny. Low plus 5. High 10. " I chose White Rock’s weather to put on our website as it is about half way geographically on our route. It turned out that it was, indeed, mostly sunny and the high was 11, so it was a delightful day.

Celia donated her seat in our Morgan to Joe Irwin, a friend from Chantilly, Virginia, who was visiting us. Joe and I were in the Air Force together at McChord AFB in Tacoma in 1967 and 1968. Joe was curious about a run of old English cars, and was looking forward to the day.

We left Bellingham about 6:50 and were in the parking lot in Ladner at 7:42, near record time. Awaiting us in Ricky’s were Alan and Mary Lou Miles, our registrars for the day, and early birds Gil and Joy Yarrow, Ken Miles, and Brian Lees. Bart and Audrey Shaw joined us shortly and we set to making breakfast decisions from the ample menu. A few minutes later the flood gates opened and the room filled as Alan and Mary Lou, having finished breakfast, started registering everyone. The total turnout was a bit thin, with some 26 cars registering for this great traditional run. Talk was that fear of delay at the border (both going south and then on the return north) may have dampened the turnout.

I tried to take photos of each car and I think I got 30 or so photos which allows for a few who came to the start but didn’t register and a few others who joined us later.

The drive was quite pleasant and uneventful until we got to 0 Avenue, where we fell behind a truck that was painting the yellow stripe down the centre of the road. Many of the cars somehow managed to get spatters of yellow paint on their tires and some elsewhere on their cars.

The border took us almost exactly 30 minutes from the time we pulled up behind a line on 0 Avenue to clearing the border agent. We regrouped at the Edaleen Dairy store just south of the border and when the last car cleared we headed on south on Guide Meridian.

We arrived at the Silver Reef Casino about 12:15. The Champagne Buffet was as grand as it was last year and we all enjoyed it.

After a few words from Ken Miles, we adjourned and headed home with memories of another great Ladner-Bellingham All British Run.

We hope to see more of you next year. Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 2, 2008, and plan to be there!

(As developed by Roy Wilkins, the founder of the Run)

(1) Organizations and Officials
1.1 The event is organized by the Vancouver Coast Branch of the Old English Car Club of B.C.
1.2 Official of the event is the Grand Marshal nominated from and by the Vancouver Coast Branch at the March AGM for one year only.
1.3 Grand Marshal to wear the official gold sweater on the Run, and is responsible for washing it after use.
1.4 Grand Marshal to be responsible for Ladner to Bellingham "kit box" and the updating of its contents.

2.1 The event is the annual commemoration of the Emancipation Run of 1896 in England.
2.2 The Run is to take place on the first Sunday in November.
2.3 The length of the Run is approximately 60 miles and will start in Ladner, B.C. (location optional) and finish in Bellingham, Washington (location optional)

(3) Eligible Vehicles
3.1 Open to all British made vehicles.
3.2 No restriction on year of manufacture.
3.3 All cars must meet the legal requirements to run on public roads in Canada. The use of trade plates is not permitted.
3.4 No advertising, trade sign or promotional display may be carried on the participating vehicle.
3.5 It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensue that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

(4) Eligib1e Participants
4.1 Any person holding a current valid driving license for use in Canada may enter. That person will be the driver of the car and the nominated entrant.

(5) Entry Fees
5.1 The metal Ladner to Bellingham Run plaques are available to OECC Vancouver Coast Branch members ONLY as of August 04th, 1998. Non-members who purchased a plaque prior to that date may continue to use them in the same manner as Branch members. The maximum number of metal plaques is limited to the original number of 96.
5.2 Entry for OECC Vancouver Coast Branch members is by a fee of $20 (twenty dollars) for the metal Ladner to Bellingham plaque only. This price includes a year decal issued upon completion of the Run.
5.3 Once purchased the metal plaque is entrance to the Run for future years. A $2 (two dollar) fee is to be paid for subsequent year decals.
5.4 Entry for non-members without a metal plague purchased before August 4th, 1998 is by a fee of $10 (ten dollars) for a paper plaque. The paper plaque is entry for the current year Run ONLY and is NOT reusable in future years.
5.5 The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of entries and or refuse entry of an entrant or driver without giving reason for refusal.

(6) Assembly and The Start
6.1 All vehicles to start in Ladner, B.C. - no exceptions.
6.2 The starting order will be determined by the Grand Marshal. A numbered card will be issued for purposes of identification and for the claiming of draw prizes at the destination. It is to be displayed in the front of the car. The card is property of the Branch and is to be returned to the Branch upon completion of the Run.
6.3 Assembly begins at 9 A.M. All cars must be in their parking space 30 minutes 
before the starting time.
6.4 The start will take place at 10 A.M. The Grand Marshal to lead off in vehicle designated No. 1.

(7) The Route
7.1 Participants will receive clear details of the official route.
7.2 All drivers are required to obey the highway code and officials of the event
7.3 All vehicles are to remain in line in the order in which they started or as designated by the officials. Passing is not permitted except in emergencies.
7.4 Time and sequence of starting following rest or regrouping stops is 
to be determined by the Grand Marshal.

(8) The Finish
8.1 The finish will take place in Bellingham, Washington.
8.2 The current year decal to be awarded to all FINISHING vehicles.




1996 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

  • Roy Wilkins (Founder)

1997 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

1998 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

1999 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

2000 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

  • Alan Inglis
  • Dave Walker
  • Barry West
  • Roy Wilkins (Chairman)

2001 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

2002 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

2003 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

  • Kelly Beenham
  • Fred Bennett
  • Jim Cave
  • Steve Hutchens (Chairman)
  • Bart Shaw

2004 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

  • Fred Bennett
  • Steve Hutchens
  • Bence McIntyre
  • Bart Shaw (Chairman)
  • Richard Taylor

2005 Ladner-Mission Committee:

2006 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

  • Jackie Chatterton
  • John Chatterton
  • Chris Walker
  • Dave Walker
  • Roy Wilkins (Chairman)

2007 Ladner-Bellingham Committee:

2008 London-Brighton Commemorative Committee:

  • Italo Cirillo
  • Steve Hutchens
  • Bence McIntyre
  • Bart Shaw
  • Walter Reynolds (Committee Chairman)

2009 London-Brighton Commemorative Committee:



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