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2017 Club AGM
Held at the Nanaimo Curling Club, July 8
The Central Island Branch hosting

The Theme Dress Colours are RED and White for the AGM

THE OXO CUP awarded to Stephen Way (TVB)
The OXO Cup is a Floating Trophy, which was donated by Ian Cox, one of the
original founders of the Club, awarded annually to  a member who has made
a significant contribution to the Club as a whole. 

MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU AWARD, awarded to Les Foster (absent).
(Accepted by the Branch Chairman VCB)

An Annual Award for a member, for their historic preservation and dedication to our
great hobby. This is someone who has a good track record of saving and restoring
 project vehicles. The recipient could also contribute to the hobby by other means
 such as leadership and organization which would be taken into consideration.

These are the past Wagonmasters who were all present at the AGM.
BRBC- Brits 'Round BC from 2005 to 2016
Left to Right:  2005 Derrick and Pat Sparks, 2006 Adèle and Ken Hedges,
2008 Steve Hutchens and Celia Obrecht, 2010 Elain and Rob Brodie,
2012 Ric MacDonald, 2014 Jim and Cathy Gislason, 2016 Ken and Pat Miles.

Today's Mini Monte award went to Stephen and Diane Way (TVB)

The Link Trophy presented to a team, Paul Tilroe and Bob Thompson, CIB
The Link Trophy is a floating trophy given to a Member of the Annual General Meeting’s
Hosting Branch. This trophy is presented to the most deserving member of the Branch
hosting the AGM that year. The Trophy has the Wings of the Club and sufficient room for
 a yearly ‘key chain’ to be attached. Each year one key chain to be given to the
recipient and the other to be attached to the trophy, creating a ‘link’.

 Our wonderful Entertainment Director for the AGM, the Fabulous Laura!

Everyone singing along and playing their Music Bingo cards

Follow this link for the AGM picture slide show presentation:
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MOV format for Mac users:

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