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Photo Gallery        


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2020 Executive

11th Annual
Polar Bear Walk

Bowling 2020

2019 Executive

10th Annual
Polar Bear Walk

Misc. Events 2019

Bowling 2019

Cow. Bay Run 2019

Bunny Run 2019

Restoration Fair

ABFM 2019

Prowl 2019

Wellington Market British Car Display

Lakeside Car Display

Fathers Day Picnic

BOTB 2019

BOTB 2019

BATS 2019

Wine, Women, & Wheels

Car Display


Lighthouse Fall Fair 2019

Kootenay Car Run 2019

Aviation Museum

The Ultimate Car Run

Pub Social

Banquet 2019

2018 Executive

9th Annual
Polar Bear Walk

Misc.Club Event Pictures 2018

Industrial Plastics Tour

Bowling 2018

Brown Bag 2018

Restoration Fair 2018

ABFM 2018

Lakeside Car Display 2018

Show & Shine 2018

Father's Day Picnic

BRBC 2018 Day1&2

BRBC 2018 Day 3 onward

BOTB 2018

BOTB 2018

Nanaimo B'tub Street Fair

Kiwanis Car Display

Gold River Run

Ladysmith Show & Shine

Picnic Run To Bamberton

Fall Fair

ECAIP 2018

Wine Women & Wheels

Banquet 2018


2017 Executive

8th Annual Polar Bear Walk

Misc Event Pictures 2017

Bowling 2017

Brown Bag Auction

Restoration Fair

Nanaimo Heritage Days

Lakeside Car Display

Show & Shine

Beacon Hill Park

AGM Tour & Meet & Greet

Brits on the Beach (A)

Brits on the Beach (B)
Nanaimo Marine Street Fair
(annual Bathtub Races)

Ladysmith Parade

Gabriola Concert on the Green

Picnic on the beach

Wine,Women & Wheels

Blackstaff's open house

Lighthouse Fall Fair

ECAIP 2017

2017 Annual Banquet


7th Annual Polar Bear Walk

Misc Event pictures 2016


Brown Bag Auction

Deep Bay Run

Guy Garage Show


Work Place Visit

Heritage Days Parade

BRBC 2016

Show & Shine

Queens Birthday Run

Picnic On The Beach

Brits on the Beach (A)

Brits on the Beach (B)

Garden Tour

VI Motorsport Circuit

Ladysmith Parade

Concert on the Green

Vineyard Run

Lighthouse Fall Fair

ECAIP 2016

Fall Car Run

Nanaimo Hospital Fundraiser

Christmas Banquet 2016
 6th Annual Polar Bear Walk

Restoration Fair

Brown Bag Auction

2015 Executive

Lillooet Train Trip
Heritage Days Parade

Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens Run

Celebrity Infinity Display

Rotary Show

Qualicum Beach Show & Shine

Fathers Day Beacon Hill

BATS  2015

Brits on the Beach 2015

Ladysmith Parade

Misc. Event Pictures 2015

Fall Fair

ECAIP 2015

Cow Run Cowichan Lake

Annual Banquet 2015


5th Annual Polar Bear Walk

California Desert Branch

Restoration Fair

Spring Explorer

Cruise Ship Display

Empire Days Parade

ABFM Vancouver

Show & Shine

Sunday Run June 22

Beacon Hill Picnic

BRBC 2014

BRBC Part 2

BOTB 2014

Bathtub Display

Ladysmith Parade

Lighthouse Fall Fair

Cow  Run

ECAIP 2014

Gabriola Run

Celebrity Solstice

California Desert OECC

Christmas Banquet

4th Annual Polar Bear Walk




Empire Days Parade

Beacon Hill Fathers Day Picnic

Qualicum Beach Seaside Cruizers

Dave's Mystery Run

e Party


Mini Monte


Brits on the Beach

Open House at Faulty Towers 


Ladysmith Days Parade


Lighthouse Country Fall Fair


Graeme GarageTour

Multi-flag Run

Flesh Electric Tour

OECC Chorus 2013

(turn on speakers)
Annual Banquet 2013

3rd Annual Polar Bear Walk 2012

Unia's Garage

Bowling at Brechin 2012

12th Annual Bunny Hop Run

Nanaimo Empire Days Parade

Father's Day Picnic at Beacon Hill Park

(no pictures)

AGM Hosted by the Vancouver Branch

BRBC 2012

BRBC 2012

BRBC 2012

BRBC 2012  

BRBC 2012

Brits on the Beach

Comox Run

Lazy Run South

Ladysmith Parade

Filberg Car Show

Lighthouse Country Fair

Victoria Air Museum


Gabriola Run

Duncan Forest Museum

Austin Healey's 60th Anniversary Event

2nd Annual Polar Bear Walk 2011

Bowling at Brechin 2011

Bunny Hop Run 2011

Kitty Coleman Garden Tour 2011

BATS Disneyland  2011

Father's Day Picnic  Beacon Hill - 2011

Rob's Island Adventure

British Heritage Festival 2011


Brits on the Beach 2011

Port Renfrew Circle Tour

Ladysmith Days Parade

Gold River Run

All British Field Meet, Filberg 2011


Lighthouse Country Fall Fair 2011

English Car Affair in the Park at Fort Rodd Hill 2011

Car Rally 2010

Ennerdale Engineering


Photo Contest and Noteworthy pics

Annual Banquet

1st Annual Polar Bear Walk 2010

Mill Bay Run 2010

Harris' Garage 2010

Bunny Hop  2010

Empire Days 2010

Kitty Coleman Garden Tour 2010

BRBC 2010 Part 1

BRBC 2010 Part 2

BRBC 2010 Part 3

BRBC 2010 Part 4

Brits on the Beach 2010

Circle Tour to Port Renfrew

McLean's Mill 2010

AGM 2010 and Filberg


A day at Denman 2010 

Lighthouse Fall Fair 2010

Annual Banquet 2010

Christmas Parade 2010 

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Annual Banquet 2009

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