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Come out and enjoy Brits on the Beach!

This is Part "B" of the 2018 BOTB

The 19th Annual Brits on the Beach Scheduled For:

July 7th 2019

10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Transfer Beach, Ladysmith, BC

Registration is Free!

Admission is Free!

Spare Auto parts sale and British related vendors

HOT BREAKFAST AVAILABLE- Ladysmith Lions Club or bring a picnic lunch

Please bring a donation for the Ladysmith Food Bank


Other Vendor booths

Sylvia Sparke bringing Peter's auto parts to the table (or tree)

Oh Oh! Peter Sparke wiped out!  This "road kill" is for sale but you have to disembowel it from the tree

Now time for the Gate Draw prizes (4)

The Draw winners for the kid's Passport program (11-16 age) and (3-10 age)
 are Seamus Miller, age 12, who won an Aston Martin D89 coupe die cast model,
and Kayden Griffiths, age 7.  She won a Landrover Defender.
Judy Unia won the 50/50

so now the Wine basket draws
And that is the end of the 2018 Brits on the Beach annual car show
Now the club members hold an after event barbeque

This is now the end for 2018 BOTB.

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