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DISCLAIMER: The Old English Car Club (OECC) provides a free classified ads page as a service to both members and non-members wishing to advertise British cars or parts for sale and wanted. The OECC does not verify any claims made in these ads and consequently assumes no responsibility for their veracity. There can be substantial differences of opinion regarding the condition of a car or part; therefore, it is recommended that people buying cars or parts request that the sale be conditional upon examination of the car or parts.

 *Please note:  All ads will only be listed on the main club website for consistency and to keep all listings in one place.  

click on link:  classified listings


Ads are posted for Two (2) months, after which time they will be automatically removed if not renewed.  It is the seller's responsibility to contact the Main Club webmaster.  eMail an advertisement to the Main Club Webmaster:  (send pictures as attachments)