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Autumn Car Run, Sept. 18


Falltime Club drive along many back roads in the Nanaimo area.
Travelling through Cedar and Yellowpoint with lots of scavenger
clues en-route, ending up at the Cotton Club Restaurant at
 Cottonwood Golf course for lunch.

“See-Da Backroads” Run

Despite the unpredictable weather forecasts during the prior week, on Sunday, September 18 , the
morning of the run, it was full sunshine and very warm at Southgate Mall. There were 20 cars lined up
in all, many with their tops down, and they all got away by 10:45 am.
The first teams started to arrive at Cotton Wood Golf Course Restaurant around 12:15, and all cars and
members were accounted for by 1:00, with no lost souls driving aimlessly around Cedar and Yellow
Point! After the first couple of tables were served, a mad rush took place by the open-top car owners to
cover up as a heavy shower descended.
After a good meal and well-deserved refreshments, Wayne Peddie gave out the answers to the 43 clues.
The winners, with an incredible score of 42, were Steve and Elaine Roebuck, with considerable help from
their Super-Dog “Ernie”. A couple of teams scored in the low 40’s, while many teams were in the high
30’s, while others managed only the mid twenties (yes, you know who you are!).
Two $10.00 Timmies cards were given out to the winners. Thanks to Adèle and Russ for taking the
official photos for the run.

Malcolm & Janet Hargrave, Wagon Masters.

Steve & Elaine got the answers correct.  !

The picture of the road is where we were looking for Red on White "Private Property" signs - apparently there were 21, Adèle found 15

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