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MIscellaneous Pictures 2016


We are sorry we missed the OECC meeting last night but we did meet up with a few members of the OECC Desert Branch! 
Had a great visit.   Cheers!  Bob & Melba      (January 22)

We had a gathering yesterday (June 1, 2016) of everyone who was at Indio at some time during this past season.  Got our neighbour to take some pictures. This is the one I chose for the Misc. gallery. Cooked dinner for all of them and some brought desserts and salads and  an appetizer for pre dinner on patio.  A great time was had by all. Adèle.

  Having a Desert Branch OECC get together on Saturday 13th February

Desert Branch of OECC celebrating Ken's 70th Birthday

Lynne Cumberland was our  hostess.

        The weather was perfect. 


                                  Here are a few pictures of the celebration.  


February 20
Doug & Judy Unia left cold and rainy Vancouver yesterday and were picked up at beautiful warm sunny Palm Springs airport by Wayne Peddie. Before heading back with them to Yuma, they came and met the rest of us who stay in Indio Springs RV Resort.
Jim and Pauline Morrison are members of the SIB branch and the rest are all CIB members. 

The guys are in deep conversation, could it be about cars?

April 2016 - Central Island Branch Jag XK-8 owners display their cars

Our 1957 MG Magnette has gone to a good home in Limehouse, Ontario. New owners have named her Nettee.
Adèle & Ken Hedges


June 5, 2016 AGM
British Invasion Car Show at Two Lions Pub, North Vancouver 
Great variety of English cars. Here are a few if them.

Ken Hedges won "First in Class" for his TR250, shown here


Ken and Aiden at Goodwood in England

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