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at the Fairwinds Golf & Country Club

Nanoose Bay, December 01, 2018

Steve Roebuck with Deborah (Swail) Stewart

Al preparing his notes

while Val is chug-a-lugging the ticket bucket. (Mrs. Bucket, or Bouquet in "Keepin Up Appearances")

Brian Yates and Val Cairns

Paul Tilroe with Val Ramsay

Some presents were collected for the Children's Toy Drive.

Doug Unia was awarded the 2018 "Piston Broke Award" (due to"cheap replacement parts," he says)

A bottle of wine was handed out, since the trophy was unavailable at present

Ken Hedges spoke to say it should actually be the Jaguar "pissed and broke" award!

Jim Stewart won the"Member of the Year" award. Here's a Scotsman stuck for words!
Like a deer in the headlights, so just smile and nod a lot. We all share in your accomplishment, Jim,
and thank you for your volunteer time.

Jim luckily recovered and got a bottle of wine, (that certainly would help!)
Jim also won the main raffle prize of a pair of tickets to next year's banquet. Congratulations!
The actual trophies will be handed out at the January meeting since they were not available at present.

Doug Unia again volunteered to do the dance music. Thank you, Doug!

Musical Chairs a big hit!

Photo Credits: Paul Tilroe, Adèle Hedges, Steve Roebuck

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