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BETI - Brits Enjoy the Island

July 27th to August 10th

This page will try to follow the BETI tour as it is happening.  Watch for pics and updates.


Day 1 Saturday

BETI started at the end of the visit to Faulty Towers (more about that event in another album).  Heading for Campbell River with a slight detour to the Cone Zone in Qualicum Bay.

Day 2 Sunday Campbell River


 We had a wonderful and relaxing day. Most of us enjoyed the local market in Campbell River then went on to a beautiful setting at Salmon Point for lunch. Everyone took the time to RELAX!  It was a nice change to not be up and gone by 9 a.m. Monday will be very similar. Off to Gold River -no rush. Regards, Marge.

P.S. I am going to ask Adele to take over sending off recaps for the next few days.  I am leaving for a few days but hope to rejoin the group on Quadra Island.





Day 3 Monday: Gold River

Well, as Wagon Masters for our first time, we made it to Strathcona Park only to see coolant trailing out from under our car. Of course there were many mechanics eager to help out. We were on our way in no time. We are now safely at Gold River.   Cheers, Melba




Day 4 Gold River and the MV Uchuck III


Day 5 to Port McNeil

Day 6  Port Alice or Telegraph Cove

Day 7 Alert Bay

Big House at Alert Bay. Wonderful day yesterday at Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. Area full of history. Others went to Sointula as well (long and funny story). Amazing buffet last night at Northern Lites Restaurant. Leave tomorrow for Quadra Island.

Day 8, 9 and 10 Quadra Island

Stopped for gas at Campbell River before heading over to Quadra and found out Trevor was having car troubles. After much discussion, and more on Quadra I believe their son is bringing up a head gasket today...Trevor happened to have a spare at home. Should be lots more conferencing around the car today...and other cars too it seems.

Rebecca Spit

April Point: Not a good place for a non-swimmer to sit and wait for the boat!

After a boat ride and a bite to eat at Painters Lodge we returned to April Point on Quadra.
Also: the new head gasket is in and Trevor and Kim are back on the road.

Day 11 South to Victoria

Supper at the Spitfire Grill

Day 12 Tour of the Legislator

Tour of the Legislator. Rob Brodie presented "Queen Victoria" with an OECC mug.

BBQ at the Parkers

Day 13  Leaving Victoria, to Sooke and to Lake Cowichan

Here are a few more pics:

Here is a link to Adèle's "Happy Group"

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