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Cowichan Bay Run, March 24, 2019

 First (Spring)Car Run of the year 


  A trip to visit the Geoff Moyse Jaguar collection near Cowichan Bay. Event Leader is David Kelsey.
Drive the back roads from Nanaimo and stop for lunch at the Rock Cod Cafè.

Dave's Triumph needs some adjustments

Lunch at the Rock Cod Cafè (39 people)

Our Branch V. Chair (Jim) and Past Chairman (Steve)

These are our member's cars at the property of Geoff Moyse

Work shops at Geoff Moyse

All these Jaguars belong to the Geoff Moyse collection

On the right is Geoff Moyse, talking to Al Ramsay, our Branch Chairman

Now on the way back home Paul Tilroe's MGF broke down in Duncan

It's good to have BCAA when you need it

I think this is a contender for the "Piston Broke" award

The slave clutch cylinder blew out and hemmoraged on the pavement

A big Thank you to Geoff Moyse
and Dave Kelsey
Photo Credits: Paul Tilroe and Jim Stewart

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