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BATS to Disneyland 2011



Day one and all is well other than the trouble we had getting out of Safeway parking lot!!!

Rainforest Lodge and Resort is our destination for the night and it looks lovely.


Day two- Sunday June 12 - Norm had a breakdown this a.m., but our six guys combined knowledge managed to get him under way.

Don't think it is completely fixed, but he is still with us.

They are going to order parts from Moss Motors and have them delivered to a future motel for repair.


Day 3 Monday June 13 and breakdown #2 - yet another triumph bites the dust.
Apparently it is electrical - what would I know????
Anyway there are still 4 to go before we run out of the big T's Amazing meal tonight.
Bandon Inn at Face Rock - we all need to spend some time here.
Ferndale and Fortuna tomorrow - hopefully with no breakdowns.

Day #5 and we have yet another Triumph breakdown - and to add insult to injury Doug and Judy Unia have been left behind in Gold Beach to get their little gem repaired - something electrical. We are hoping they will catch us up tonight in Gulala!! We had fabulous weather today as we followed the #1 south. Best day yet - except Dave had a flat just after we left the Chandelier Drive Thru Tree. Remember the road Adele?? You didn't dare leave your side of it or a logging truck would wipe you out!!! 

Will not try to send photos until we have a better connection.

Hugs to all

Margie and the gang.


They arrived last night. and .......guess what!!! Graeme had and 'adjustment' in the parking lot last night. We are all calling it a breakdown because he had to use tools. I think he knocked something underneath getting on the ferry and it finally came loose. That sounds like a repair to all of us.... one to go:) Spot the Duck!!!

[In 2006 Lynne & Bob Cumberland, Dennis & Darla Millard, Nigel & Frances Muggeridge, Marge & Ray Sabourin, Al Thompson and Ken and myself were at this spot.   Brings back memories.  Adèle]

Day #6:  Well - I guess it was our turn. We had a minor problem that was fixed almost immediately. A wire falling off something or other, but it does constitute a breakdown because the car wouldn't start and the hood was up:) We have been driving down memory lane on this trip. What amazes us is the distance we managed to travel each day.Not this lot!!!!:)  Will send an update soon.

We are still having a wonderful time. The breakdowns/flat tires/adjustments have now hit us all - I guess you could say Merve has not had a problem except he had a 'clunk' when he left us but had refused to lift his hood to look while we were within eyesight :)  Merv is now in San Diego (probably getting his car fixed).

Hearst Castle was everything I remembered and more. We were all happy to tour it.
Morro Bay was quaint and wonderful. We stayed in a funky little motel on the waterfront and ate an amazing fish dinner caught that day by the local fishermen in a lovely little restaurant.
Went over the Golden Gate easily, but immediately got lost on the other side. We had been trying for the Steam Train in Felton, but what with getting lost and the heavy traffic we missed it by about 10 minutes. We are going to try again on the way home.
Qulala was even more quaint than Morro Bay. Our hotel was like a Bed and Breakfast. Great fun there as well. Really interesting hostess.

We had no problem staying together coming into Anaheim probably because we were hardly moving. Took over 2 hours to travel 29 miles, but we eventually arrived, took a break and then went across the street to find Mickey!!! He was there!!!! Just as much fun as in the past.

Sunday was spent on the magical island of Catalina. Calm going and coming and the town of Avalon right out of a fairytale. Great to have a relaxing day doing very little.

Up and at it early again today.
Say hi to all.

From Lynne Cumberland - Ontario bound group - June 21 - Heading into Ontario from Michigan:

Have been following the California group with your emails. We are all fine. No major car problems except that Bob's seat broke on the one side but we fixed it with a jack. Anyway, thanks for thinking of us. Miss you guys. Weather has been great except this a.m. looks like rain and they are calling for it tomorrow., the Ontario group.

From Margie Sabourin:June 21 -


Don't know where to start this a.m. My stomach still hurts from all of the laughter. Went over to the park last night to watch the parade, had front row seats and managed to get 12 buttons and 4 fast passes for the rides. Way cool.............. - the 'big guy' wanted to do Splash Mountain so some of us did, but we arranged it so he sat up front. Can't imagine how we can have more fun then yesterday - but each day brings a challenge to try and I am sure we will.

June 22

On our way home. I think we all feel 3 days in long enough at any Theme Park. We are very glad we also took in Catalina Island and those who went to Pedersen Auto Museum were very happy as well.
Made it out of LA this a.m. Very stressful experience, but we all came out of it OK. We are now at Pismo Beach in a beautiful Best Western Hotel. Our room overlooks the ocean. The guys got their shopping fix today at Moss Motors. They even gave them a tour of the back warehouse. Tomorrow we are headed to Roaring Camp Railways and then on to Pacifica.

Does this not look suspiciously like an adjustment??? or maybe some illegal activity???:)                                Spot the ducks

Hope all is well at home and the weather is nice and warm. Cool by the ocean but very hot inland here.
Greetings to all

From Doug Unia to Al King:

We did experience a couple of electrical problems during our trip down to Disneyland.
After a good lunch of clam chowder at the Devil,s Punchbowl, as we accelerated back on the
highway we lost all power. We determined after the the usual checks for gas and spark
that there was no power to the Pertronix ignition module. The fuse had gone so we replaced it and were 
on our way. This happened several more times and further investigation revealed the problem was
related to the sub harness going to the overdrive. The final outcome was that the leads inside the
shifter going to the overdrive switch had chafed through where they entered the lever so whenever
I shifted into second, the lead would ground to the lever and blow the fuse. I temporarily solved the
problem by moving the Pertronix feed to another fuse position till the fault was found. 
The other problem was less dramatic and was caused by Norm and I troubleshooting. We had the jack for
the cigar lighter out and when it was replaced we got the inner and outer parts together incorrectly
so when we plugged the cooler in the fuse feeding the jack would blow.
 I now only have one slight problem which I'm sure is related to the dash wiring being pulled out.
When the lights are turned on I lose the tach . I'm sure this is being caused by the dash lighting and
 is probably a ground lead that has pulled off. As we are not travelling at night, I'm leaving this for
further investigation we we return home. We did loose a day at Brookings Oregon for repairs, but
some spirited driving saw us back with the group in Gualala California.
Whenever I lead, Marge says I go too fast!
 I was able to order two replacement fuel pumps for the Jag and will pick them up on our way back
at Brookings. They are submersible type and the originals were made by AC and were the same as used
in the Chevrolet Vega. I can get two for the Vega for less that one for a Jag even though they
are the same pump!
Norm had a starting problem the second day and we found the metallastic carb mounts had separated.
We temporarily repaired them with tie wraps and had the parts shipped to the hotel here in Anaheim
so we will change them before the trip back. Dave had a flat tire but that was changed quickly.
Graeme showed me the wiring mod he has done on his TR4A. He is using a fuse and relay module from
a  recent Rover model . All circuits are fused and all heavy loads are controlled by relays. Might be worth


June 23rd

Not sure where I left off, but yesterday may have been it. Went to Roaring Camp for a steam train ride. Other than loosing Graeme and Sue for a few hours the day was pleasant. Spent the night at Rockaway Beach. Hotel was OK, but views were spectacular. After a hair raising decent onto the Golden Gate (everyone drives full speed or more ignoring our poor little cars completely. At one point Doug and Judy were on a track with a tram bearing down on them) we stopped for photos and then motored on the 101 all the way to Fortuna where we were greeted on their sign. Very pleasant surprise. Looking forward to less miles from now on.
Love to all

spot the duck




Stay tuned for the next report!




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