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Here are all the entries for the photo contests that we held this season.  There was no clear winner for the second round as it was a four-way tie. Thanks to all who participated.  


  First round:

Jim Gislason's 1966 Sunbeam Tiger at the Lighthouse on Quadra Island

Taken by Jim, during Rob's Island Adventure 2011.



Adèle Hedges' Triumph to Triumph.

A very clever shot from Adèle and Ken's 1968 TR 250 to Susan and Graham Cook's 1966 TR 4A.


All entries were winners in the second round:

Ken Tanguay's view of a 1953 MG TF.  Taken during Brits on the Beach 2011



Also taken by Ken Tanguay at Brits on the Beach 2011



Three fine vehicles. Taken by Cathy Gislason at Filberg 2011



 1952 MG TD taken by Russ Heughan at Brits on the Beach 2011



Also a great shot from Russ Heughan at Brits on the Beach 2011.

Not sure of the pedigree but I'm sure someone will enlighten me before too long. I will update then.



Honourable Mention:

This one of the twins, from Darla Milard, taken at Brits on the Beach.



And speaking of cool...Irene Thompson invented the word!  By Russ Heughan.




And this from Candy Francis during Brits Round BC from 2010 - Just because it's a great shot!




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