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Central Island Branch 10 Pin Bowling Outing

Sunday, Feb 28, Splitsville Bowling Lanes, Nanaimo


Marilyn Tarry, our Group Organizer

Ok, I found the "ON" button

OK, you pick the green one, and I'll use the red one, Brian, what colour do U want?

"I got the memo" - to wear stripes

My fingers are stuck !

This picture says it all !  YEAH!

Webmasters can bowl too!

Must be talking about British Cars ?


My best shot !

Who am I ?

Oh I think this lime green ball is going to be a lemon !!!

You Go Girl !!

My ring finger is stuck, it's all swollen and blistered !

Slow but steady on !

This alley must be tilted !

Do I look like I need a lemon?
I don't even own a Citročn Automobile !

Lemon Prize (3rd)            Trophy prize (1st)           Chocolate Bar (2nd)

Peter Sparke              Stephen Roebuck                     Roger Tarry

Steve, Here's what you can do with your lemon !!

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