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Fathers Day Picnic 2014 Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC

Hi Paul Ė Kath and I went to the Beacon Hill Fathers Day Picnic in the Park.
It was cool and breezy but not bad. It was held in the same location as previous years.
There were lots of Jags, Morgans and Miniís. Some nice Healeys too.
 Here is a photo of us parked among the Bentleys. Nice folks.
 Wet going down so we had the top up.
Coming home, we drove all the way with the top down. Had a couple of downpours and a bit of hail but we decided to have some fun and left the top down.
Luckily we didnít have to stop at all so we didnít get wet. Great fun.
Howard and Kathy Lockhart

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