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Restoration Fair, 2019

South Island Branch Event May 5 at Heritage Acres, Saanichton



We have been requested by SIB to be at Heritage Acres Park by 8:30 AM if we want to park inside the grounds. They also stated that 9:30 was the very very latest they could handle us as they are opening to the public at 10:00. I am allowing approximately two hours for the drive so we need to leave by 7:30 AM.  Should you chose to travel on your own, please keep these times in mind to avoid disappointment. Departure is whenever you want and you are on your own going home, although some of us may travel together.


Steve Harris at his parts table

Sylvia and Val

And here is Al

Al & Val took the Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay ferry (no Malahat Drive, yeah!)

Picture Credits: Al Ramsay

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