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BATS (Brits across the State, WA)

June 27 - July 4

Wagon Masters Ken & Adèle Hedges


Day 1 - Sat. June 27 - Sidney - Anacortes
Ferry should arrive from Sidney to Anacortes about 2:10 From Ferry Terminal in Anacortes to Fidalgo Country Inn. Suggestions for the rest of the day: Go East on Route 20 and make a right for Oak Habor on Whidbey Island. Stop and view Deception Pass and maybe go into Deception Pass State Park. You can then carry on to Oak Harbor. Round trip just over 31 miles.  Swinomish Casino & Lodge is about 8 miles E on Route 20

Day 2 - Sun. June 28 - Anacortes - Leavenworth
Today our final destination is Bavarian Lodge, Leavenworth, WA. We shall leave at 9:00 and stop and La Conner. From La Conner you will travel at your own pace and head towards Conway and then to the Bavarian Lodge. This route will avoid going on I5. Go to La Conner, Conway, Arlington and then Leavenworth.

Getting ready to leave Fidalgo Country Inn, Anacortes

Once many of us got to La Conner, we heard that Gerry Parkinson was unable to get his MG GT started.  Alan and Mary Lou Miles got to Leavenworth and have a picture of it on the trailer.  Gerry and Anita's son brought down their MGA and took back the MGB GT.  They are still in Anacortes and will catch up with us tomorrow.

La Conner has a fabulous new boardwalk that we all enjoyed before the shops opened

It was super hot and hit 40C ! 


Day 3 - Mon. June 29 - Leavenworth - Coulee Dam
Today our final destination is Columbia River Inn, Coulee Dam, WA. As this is only 121.77 miles you may want to make some stops along the way or spend more time in Leavenworth. Plan your day on what interests you on the suggestions below. There will be a driver’s meeting outside the main entrance at 8:45 to find out who will be leaving Leavenworth or staying a little longer and making their own way to Columbia River Inn. Either way, here are some suggestions for places to stop along the way. We shall be going through Waterville where you might want to have a morning coffee, take the historic walking tour or visit the thrift store. After Waterville you may wish to stop at Sun Lakes Dry Falls State Park  Afterwards we shall reach our destination in Coulee Dam.  Once you reach our destination, there is a lot to see. Of course, the main attraction is the Coulee Dam.

Bavarian Lodge, Leavenworth

Fires near Winatchee

Stop at historic Waterville

kopey's were closed but all sorts of old planes, boats and cars inside.

Hot !!!  at Dry Falls

We have arrived at Grand Coulée Dam having passed near some fires as well as some extremely hot weather and beautiful scenery

Peter and Sylvia could not find the way to Conway, so Sylvia asked for assistance from a State Police motor cycle officer who
confirmed that she was on the right road and then escorted them through Conway and directed them on their way.

our final destination is Columbia River Inn, Coulee Dam, WA.

Day 4 - Tue. June 30 - Coulee Dam - Manson
Today our final destination will be Mountain View Lodge, 25 Wapato Point Parkway, Manson, where we shall be staying for two nights. We shall be going on some smaller county roads and sometimes a little back tracking. Next we shall back track a little and make our way to Lake Chelan State Park. This sounds like a good place to spend sometime and maybe have a picnic lunch. We shall then back track again along the south end of Lake Chelan and then make our way along the north side of Lake Chelan to our destination. 

Grand Coulee Dam

 Pictures were taken from a view point of the dam and the building to the right is where we stayed.  

Columbia River Inn, Coulee Dam, WA.

First break at Mansfield

Wine tasting in Chelan to get out of the heat

Fielding Hills Vineyard overlooking Lake Chelan

Day 5 - July 1 - Manson
Wednesday, July 1 – HAPPY CANADA DAY. No planned driving routes today, so do as little or as much as you wish today

Parts were ordered on Monday morning before leaving Leavenworth and were here in Manson when we arrived.  Dave had a brakes master cylinder and Bob had brakes, rotors and pads.  When at Coulee Dam Dave found he could not open his bonnet.  So that was the first job when they got here.  They managed to somehow pry it open and the latch was broken.  This morning new parts were installed on both cars and Gary at Mountain View Lodge put up a tent and umbrella to work under.

Got to get that bonnet open before we can install the parts.

The supervisor - better not get any grease on my clothes as I will be in trouble.

Blueberry Hills

Relaxing after dinner at Mountain View Lodge

Day 6 - July 2 - Manson - Winthrop
Our final destination today is Winthrop Inn, WA. Driver’s meeting will be by our car at 10:30, so plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast of your choosing. As it only takes about 1 hour 26 minutes to get to the Winthrop Inn, you can drive past and carry on into the town where there is shopping and dining and you can go back into town again later on after checking in.

There were so many really old things in this store that Ken wanted to leave in case they sold him

                        in the depression farmers started making scale wooden models of farm equipment

Final group picture taken at Winthrop Inn

A big thank you to Ken and Adele from the group for another successful adventure with BATS. Last night all of us are together as a couple of cars are leaving us tomorrow.

                                                                                    Happy Birthday to Pat Heughan

Day 7 - July 3 - Winthrop - Anacortes
Final destination will be where we started in Anacortes at Fidalgo Country Inn,  Drivers meeting will be around 8:30 by our car. As it only takes about 3 hours to get to Anacortes there is lots of time to see and do things along the way.

Winthrop to Anacortes

The cars at first view point

The people at first view point

Eddy the Teddy                                                                       People Diablo lake view

                                                                                        Cars Diablo lake view point

Through the windshield of the TR250

Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake Dam Boat Tour

Ross dam tour

Day 8 - July 4 - Anacortes - Sidney

 Here are the final pictures taken at the Anacortes Harbour and Ferry terminal

 Official end to BATS 1V

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