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Brown Bag Auction Fundraiser

April 20, 2017 - Club Auctioneer, Ken Tanguay



Ken with assistant Steve to choose the best decorated bag, by applause.

That looks like the winner, by cheers & applause

And the winner is Paul Tilroe, best decorated bag.  The prize-edible goodies.

The excitement is brewing, outbidding one another.

Paul Mansell, it only hurts briefly, $20.00 !!!!!

Val Ramsay was the successfull bidder on the prize bag, just hard to open!

Steve Harris got lucky!

Some humour in that prize.  Size does matter!

Everyone pay Janet the Treasurer.
This was another great Brown Bag Auction fundraiser.
A BIG THANK YOU again to Ken Tanguay, our charming Auctioneer!

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